Society & Culture

Key Points

  • Australian Conservatives recognise our Judeo-Christian heritage and institutions and the achievements of Western culture.
  • We believe in freedom of thought, expression and association and equality before the law.
  • We have great pride in our country, flag, history and Constitution.
  • Families and traditional marriage are the foundations of a prosperous and civil society.
  • We extol self-sufficiency, resilience, individual responsibility and pride in performance.


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Western culture

Western culture, based on centuries of development and refinement, is the most successful democratic model for civil society. We believe that our Judeo-Christian heritage, our national identity, our institutions, legal and political systems, our arts, culture and history are things to be recognised and respected.

The West is under a significant threat from ideologies that seek to undermine our way of life.  The gradual dismantling of Western culture in other areas of the world has left a vacuum into which alternate cultures have expanded and taken root. We will stand up for Australian values in the face of these threats, and will ensure that our heritage and way of life are strengthened and retained.

Freedom of expression and equality before the law

Freedom of speech and expression is one of the pillars of Western society, and the marketplace of ideas (where dissenting views are heard and argued against), must be protected and strengthened, not silenced or suppressed.

We will repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act and similar laws that ban ‘offence’ and ‘insult’ as these terms are far too subjective and stifle free speech.

Australian Conservatives also believe in the fundamental principle of equality before the law. We reject ‘identity politics’ and believe that Australians should look to the many ties that bind us, and not be divided by ancestry, race, creed or gender.

We will abolish the Australian Human Rights Commission. Rather than defending or upholding key Western liberties, rights and freedoms of the individual, this institution has become an expensive agent for their undermining, suppression and destruction, often in the pursuit of identity politics and political correctness.

Pride in our country, flag and history

We are proud of who we are and commit to restoring pride in our country, flag, institutions and the Australian way of life.  We will oppose moves to change ‘Australia Day’, war remembrance observances, our flag, Constitution and other civic celebrations.

Support for families

The traditional family is the foundation stone of civil society. We commit to supporting families by defending the traditional definition of marriage and easing the cost of living pressures on families through tax and transfer payments reform.

Self-sufficiency and pride of independence

We encourage all Australians to become self-sufficient and break the cycle of welfare dependency. We also encourage individual entrepreneurship and small business as a driver of the Australian economy and personal prosperity. These virtues are not only good for society and the individuals concerned, but they also free up government funds to help those in genuine need, or to lower taxes.

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