Smeared blood and scuffles leave Conservatives eyeing One Nation votes

February 15, 2019

Prominent Senate hopeful, Conservative Party Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton, believes his party can benefit from the missteps of crossbench opponents amid scenes of spectacular public bust-ups.

Sky News reports, Mr Shelton says the voting public deserves a better standard after United Australia Party Senator Brian Burston was caught on camera scuffling with One Nation staffer James Ashby.

Mr Ashby, who serves as Senator Pauline Hanson’s chief of staff, has been stripped of his parliamentary pass following a violent incident with Senator Burston in The Great Hall of Parliament House.

Senator Burston has since taken responsibility for blood which was smeared on Senator Hanson’s office door (see picture below) but maintains he does not recall the incident.

The drama follows a string of back and forth allegations of misconduct on the part of each Senator.

Mr Shelton says its time voters think long and hard before backing Pauline Hanson’s One Nation at the ballot box.

“There is always the dysfunction that has been around (Pauline) and her party. To see ugly scenes coming from her chief adviser, just goes to that dysfunction that has been a hallmark of her involvement in public life in 20 years.”

“There is a reason someone like myself did not join One Nation. What we have seen, as much as Pauline Hanson is very good at articulating grievance, I don’t think she’s ever been able to come up with solutions that are consistent and based on principle.

Mr Shelton is also critical of the broader Senate crossbench, accusing its current occupants of failing to truly represent the conservative base.

“What is being served up is being described as the Star Wars bar scene. It’s quite an eclectic collection of personality cults and egos.”

Mr Shelton, who concedes to having been a lifelong Coalition voter, says the government is also not meeting the standard expected by its base and its high time the Liberal-National parliamentary ranks were reminded of their true ideological standing.

“We don’t need the coalition promoting policies on social issues that are straight out of The Greens playbook, whether its euthanasia or redefining marriage or gender fluidity for kids”, Mr Shelton says.

“The only language they understand is when you can bring electoral pressure. We need to establish ourselves on the crossbench to stop the Coalition becoming a pale imitation of the Labor-Green left of politics,” he concluded.

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