Silence from the 'angry' crowd

January 23, 2018

Not a single musician has officially complained to Triple M about being included in its “Ozzest 100” playlist celebrating Australia Day on January 26.

Today’s Daily Telegraph reports that’s in stark contrast to the massive backlash against Australian Conservatives Leader and South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi and his #AC100 Australia Day Spotify playlist.

Both lists were created in reaction to Triple J’s decision to move its annual countdown from January 26 because of the Australia Day date debate.

“These snowflakes... get the best of both worlds by complaining about people like me and then still have their music played. It’s more about beating up on conservatives than making a statement about Australia Day,” Senator Bernardi said.

Lefty Aussie rockers have been accused of hypocrisy after Triple M yesterday confirmed not one musician had officially complained about its Australia Day “Ozzest 100” playlist  despite the fact the list is likely to include many bands boycotting Senator Bernardi’s  January 26 playlist.

Senator Bernardi said he’s pleased Triple M is going ahead with its countdown on Australia Day: “As far as I’m concerned the more people that are celebrating Australian music, whether by my playlist or through radio station playlists, the greater the celebration of Australia Day will be.”

The editorial went on to further ridicule music artists' attitudes to the #AC100 and Ozzest100 playlists:


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