Shorten telling a bigger lie than we’ve ever seen

May 16, 2019

The central issue of this election campaign is — or should be — whether we really want as prime minister and so the nation’s leader someone whose central all-encompassing policy objective is quite simply a complete and utter lie. Indeed, not just The Big Lie, but The Biggest Lie. Ever.

The Conservative Party 's position is that climate change alarmism is the new religion of the Left,  a dangerous cult and nothing we do to mitigate climate change will make any appreciable difference to the world's climate. 

An opinion piece in The Herald Sun says:

"Further, that this Lie will be pursued by government-enforced changes which will cost Australians individually and Australia overall some hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars.

Costs, which will be inescapable. But even more incredibly cannot, can not, deliver the supposed objective. As I will show, getting to 50 per cent renewable energy generation is physically impossible.

So far, what I have stated is fact; if I move to opinion, the cost is actually far beyond dollars. The Shorten Labor-Green ‘climate change’ policies would destroy Australia as we know it.

That’s right. Bill Shorten and Labor’s Big and all-encompassing Lie is the promise to take “Real Action on Climate Change”.

An Australian Government simply cannot take any action on climate change. It is a total — and totally undeniable — impossibility. Nothing, nothing, the Australian government can do can make the slightest difference to the climate. We are just too small.

As even the chief scientist and global warmist true believer, Alan Finkel, admitted — in a moment of subsequently regretted frankness before the Senate — the impact (on climate) of cutting our emissions of carbon dioxide all the way to zero would be “virtually nothing”.

I should have written partial frankness; because Finkel knows or should know that the correct answer is not qualified by that word “virtually”. Cutting our CO2 emissions to zero would make NO difference.

But he has come to regret even that partial frankness. In the religion of global warming hysteria, even the slightest deviation from absolute unbending dogma is not tolerated. He’s been deeply embarrassed by his own semi-honesty.

So Finkel has tried to walk back from his words. That is to say, he wants to rejoin and repeat Shorten’s Big Lie.

All of this, incidentally, makes even more bizarre and ludicrous Shorten’s demand that Scott Morrison rule out the existence of (the Christian faith) hell.

For here you have Shorten literally believing in a ‘hell on earth’ — the global warming hell that awaits us. While offering the modern equivalent of medieval religious indulgences to buy our way out of it and to pretend to ‘cool that hell down’.

So 30 years of going all-in on renewables has left the UK still getting 93 per cent of its power from fossil fuels and nuclear and just 5 per cent overnight — but it’s often just 1 per cent — from wind.

Why? Because wind and solar just do not work and never will in terms of the scale needed for a 21st century generation grid.

We use fossil fuels — coal, or, more expensively, gas — because they work. And they are the only things that work. Apart that is from nuclear and hydro.

Bill Shorten promising to take “real action on climate change” is uttering a lie; a total lie. He might just as believably promise to take real action on the climate of Saturn.

Bill Shorten trying to force us to 50 per cent renewables would be trying to force us to do the impossible.

We have never had anything as fundamentally dishonest and stupid from a candidate for PM in our history before. Are we really going to elect him?"

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has told Jonathan Green on ABC Radio National there has to be a better way.

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