Shorten's Chinese Communist Party friends

April 10, 2019

Labor leader Bill Shorten is facing increasing scrutiny over his relationship with a Chinese businessman and former ALP donor with links to the Chinese Communist Party Huang Xiangmo, following the release of photographs of the Labor leader attending the wedding of Mr Huang’s daughter.

The Conservative Party has been calling for years for a royal commission into Chinese Communist Party influence in Australia. This revelation shows the need is now more urgent than ever.

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The Australian reports, the new revelations followed a refusal by Mr Shorten’s office to explain a lunch he attended with Mr Huang in 2015 after he gave the Labor Party a $55,000 donation.

Attorney-General Christian Porter said the photographs showed the “depth” and extent of the relationship between Mr Shorten and Mr Huang.

Mr Huang was denied entry back into Australia by the Morrison government earlier this year after leaving Australia for an offshore trip. His permanent residency visa was cancelled. Security agencies are believed to have held concerns about Mr Huang’s links to the Chinese Communist Party.

Since 2012, Mr Huang and his Yuhu Group are believed to have donated more than $1 million to the Labor Party.

Liberal powerbroker Michael Sukkar said the ABC’s Four Corners report on Monday night — which revealed that Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton had a meeting with the Chinese billionaire who paid at least $10,000 to former Liberal minister and lobbyist Santo Santoro — should also have referenced the Opposition leader’s lunch with Mr Huang.

“I think it’s remarkable that the man who wants to be prime minister, who in a matter of weeks wants to be prime minister, was paid $55,000 to have lunch with this man,” Mr Sukkar told the ABC yesterday. “Where is the Bill Shorten Four Corners?

“We had a luncheon between this man and Peter Dutton and two months later, Peter Dutton cancelled this man’s visa. Bill Shorten with his $55,000 function should answer some questions,” he said.

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Royal Commission on China needed

Revelations on the ABC's 4 Corners program show there are serious questions to be answered about the Chinese Community Party's influence in Australian politics. We cannot trust major parties to review their own conduct. We...

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