Bill Shorten pretends that socialism works and is costless – but just ask Venezuela!

May 07, 2019

Labor’s Bill Shorten, with his huge taxing agenda to pay for evermore “free stuff”, wants to dial up socialism in Australia and import Venezuelan “efficacy” here.

The Conservative Party will oppose Shorten's attacks on retiree savings, negative gearing and his mindless obsession with climate alarmism. To bring common sense back to Canberra, vote "1" Australian Conservatives in the Senate.

Shorten's socialist agenda, with its pre-1980s-like interventions into our labour, capital and product markets and world-leading sabotage of our economy to appease the emissions-frowning climate gods will cost Australia far more than can be imagined.

In fact, despite weeks of questions about the cost of Labor's economy-wrecking climate policy, Bill Shorten still can't tell us what we'll have to pay.

Socialism inevitably drags a country into deprivation and misery – and then tyranny, to keep the people from rebelling against the system that has collapsed their economy and civil society.

The latest lab experiment on socialism has been Venezuela.

Once again, socialism has ruined a country that became weak (or affluent!) enough to flirt with it.

The lessons of socialism are well-described by Mike Huckabee in this recent interview with US Fox News Channel.

Under socialism, eventually, “people pretend to work and the government pretends to pay them!”… until everything inherited is lost.

Don't let Bill Shorten, Labor and the Greens drag Australia down to become a socialist backwater. Vote "1" Australian Conservatives in the Senate.

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NO B.S. Bring Back Common Sense to Australia - we must block Bill Shorten's plans to destroy jobs, bankrupt the economy, unleash political correctness and reward Labor's political comrades. Add your name if you agree.

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