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February 21, 2018

The latest contestant in the state election battle for the seat of Light chose to follow the fledgling Australian Conservatives party after being disillusioned with what he's labelled the 'erosion of conservative values' in the Liberal Party.

The Bunyip newspaper reports 29 year old Sandy Creek resident Carl Teusner, was last week announced as the Australian Conservatives' candidate for Light.

In the past, Mr Teusner drew global attention for being the unofficial mascot of the 2015 Cricket World Cup as the 'Travelling Roo', and last year attended the inauguration of United States President Donald Trump, calling himself an open Trump supporter.

Like his party's founder - federal Senator for South Australia Cory Bernardi - Mr Teusner said he used to consider himself a Liberal.

"However, in my opinion, over the last decade we have seen the values and core beliefs of conservative politics gradually eroding from the Liberals' bedrock, and the Liberal Party effectively vacating the conservative political space," he said.

"I knew in my heart that one day I would attempt to run for parliament, so, with the euphoria of finally belonging to a party that I believed in, I decided to put forward my name for the upcoming state election."

Mr Teusner said he was sick of watching South Australia "become a national joke", and believed voters in Light faced similar issues to the rest of the state, such as increasingly exorbitant electricity prices, neglected roads and infrastructure, heavy business red tape and "more levies than (they) can handle".

However, he added Light's constituents also have to contend with horrendous traffic conditions due to poor planning, which deter people from surrounding areas to come in to shop or access businesses.

“I want to see Gawler attract businesses and the main street to be vibrant once again," Mr Teusner said.

Mr Teusner was one of 33 Lower House candidates announced by the Australian Conservatives a number of which will contest local seats.

The party's local candidates include Chief Of Staff for Cory Bernardi, Rikki Lambert (Schubert), former Family First candidate for Napier Gary Balfort (King), Danny Bradley (Taylor), Rebecca Hewett (Narungga) and John Mathiesen (Elizabeth).

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