Senior Lib backs Bernardi on no milk floor price

February 20, 2019

Senior Liberal and former member of the South Australian Parliament, Mitch Williams, has backed Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi slamming the idea of establishing a floor milk price.

While Federal Labor say they will launch a milk inquiry to establish whether there is a need to establish a floor price for milk, Mr Williams agrees with Senator Bernardi that the state intervening and providing a milk floor price is not a good idea.

Mr Williams told ABC Radio he remembers when the wool industry suffered under price problems in the 1970s and the Government of the day introduced a floor price then, which almost destroyed the industry despite it running for 20 years.

He said it took 30 years for the South Australian wool industry to become viable again and the same thing could happen with the dairy industry.

In his Weekly Dose of Common Sense blog post today, Senator Bernardi said there is:

"ample evidence that Government meddling makes almost every matter they are trying to fix worse ... No sooner have we cleaned up one mess from the last price intervention rolled down from Capital Hill, they’re pushing others".

Senator Bernardi told ABC Adelaide Radio this morning, he can't understand how a Coalition government could ever contemplate implementing such creeping socialism.

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