Senator Cory Bernardi to launch Conservatives’ Queensland Senate Campaign tonight!

April 29, 2019

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi will be in Brisbane today for the launch of the Conservatives’ Queensland Senate Campaign.

Senator Bernardi, along with lead Senate candidate Lyle Shelton and his running mates Joanna Lindgren and Kate Horan will address party members and supporters from 7pm this evening at the Tattersalls Club.

With the election just weeks away, this is our chance to get behind the Conservatives’ bid to win a Senate seat for Queensland. Your support will help bring common sense back to Canberra.

This federal election will shape the quality of life of our children and grandchildren. That's why it's vital, to preserve genuine conservative values in Australian politics, that you vote "1" for your Australian Conservatives candidates in the Senate (on the white ballot paper).

The Conservative party is running Senate candidates in every state at next month's federal election and no matter who wins government in the lower house of federal parliament, only Australian Conservatives Senators will be able to ensure that principled, common sense legislation passes the Senate.

The Coalition has had its dalliance with trying to be a so-called centrist party under Malcolm Turnbull.

As Graham Richardson might say, the mob worked out that being a centrist means not standing for anything.

To Bill Shorten’s credit, that is not an accusation one could make of Labor under a leader who has clearly nailed his socialist colours to the mast. Shorten is promising the typical tax and spend policies that successive Labor governments have used to wreck our economy leaving generations to come, hundreds of billions of dollars in debt.

On the other hand, Scott Morrison continues to try to please everyone in refusing to pull out of the insanity of the Paris Climate Agreement and removing the 20 year old Greens moratorium on even the consideration of using nuclear power to solve our energy crisis.

Conservatives recognise a politician without conviction when they see one and will continue to bleed support from the Coalition for as long as they continue to feel disenfranchised.

For common sense, practical, principled, policies, vote "1" Australian Conservatives in the Senate.

Senator Bernardi told David Speers on Paul Murray Live on Sky News the choice for Australian voters is clear.

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