Senator Bernardi to lift nuclear power ban

Australian Conservatives founder Senator Cory Bernardi will introduce a bill in parliament today seeking to lift bans on nuclear power plants and nuclear enrichment & processing facilities.

Senator Bernardi will introduce the bill today in a valuable step towards a nuclear fuel cycle in Australia, stating that his Nuclear Fuel Cycle (Facilitation bill) is about opening the door to an industry that could be providing cheap, abundant, and reliable power to all Australians.

“The Senate shut the door on a nuclear energy industry two decades ago in a highly regrettable, economically, and some would argue environmentally, destructive act at the Greens’ behest,” said Bernardi.
“It is time to embrace opportunities that the nuclear fuel cycle offers Australia. We are blessed with abundant uranium… We should not just be exporting, but processing uranium for our use”.

“(The proposed legislation) will send a powerful signal to the world that we are… open for an Australian nuclear industry” states Senator Bernardi.