Scrap the kangaroo courts: Lambert

March 12, 2019

The Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert says we need to protect our precious freedom and the kangaroo courts and tribunals that have been weaponised to stifle free speech should be scrapped.

Channel Nine morning TV host Sonia Kruger was cleared of racial vilification earlier this year by the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal, but only because the Tribunal held that Islam is not a race.

Sonia was dragged through the Tribunal process for more than a year and despite clearing her of racial vilification it chastised her for making comments that had the capacity to "encourage hatred towards, or serious contempt for, Australian Muslims by ordinary members of the Australian population."

Conservative Party leader, Senator Cory Bernardi said the case was an abject disgrace, adding: "Whether you agree with Sonia Kruger or not, everyone in this country is allowed to have an opinion on migration in this country."

Senator Bernardi has been a constant critic of the stifling of free speech amid the advance of Islamic extremism.

The Kruger ruling is cold comfort for free speech advocates and the media, already rattled by the legal and public cases mounted against columnist Andrew Bolt, cartoonists Mark Knight and the late Bill Leak and television hosts Kruger and Sam Armytage.

Not to mention the QUT students who were attacked under section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act for criticising their expulsion from an 'Aboriginal only' computer lab on the Brisbane campus only to be later exonerated.

Rikki Lambert has told Adelaide's Hills Radio, the tribunal process is not only repressive, it's also very unfair and anti-Australian.

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Save Free Speech, Reform 18C

In light of the cases against, and treatment of, columnist Andrew Bolt, the late cartoonist Bill Leak, QUT students, cartoonist Mark Knight and Nine's Sonia Kruger and Seven's Samantha Armytage, we have had enough PC!...

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