SAPOL review creates uncertainty

March 16, 2018

The future of the Kalangadoo police station is in doubt after South Australia Police refused to rule out whether it will be permanently closed following a statewide regional review of policing services.

A SAPOL spokesperson has told Mount Gambier’s Border Watch newspaper there are no plans to close the station “at this time”, but did say a review was being undertaken. This uncertainty concerns the Australian Conservatives.

According to sources, the review will recommend closure of the Kalangadoo Police Station and seek to replace the full-time Beachport police officer with a seasonal position.

Grant District and Wattle Range councils have sought reassurances that the permanent police officer positions will remain at the single officer stations.

It is understood the review will also seek the consolidation of the Millicent-based detective to Mount Gambier and remove the permanent posting of SAPOL at the Noorla Yo-Long outdoor adventure site.

Australian Conservatives candidate for MacKillop Richard Bateman denounced any move to close services, saying the party would increase police budgets if elected to parliament, “The current staffing of single officer police stations needs to be maintained throughout the Limestone Coast,” he said.

“They provide a deterrent to the setting up of drug labs within their communities and they also provide important cover and back-up for officers in neighbouring towns, given the long distances in between.”

Mr Bateman supports an expansion to the Noorla Yo-Long outdoor adventure site to further enhance the scope of the program.

“This type of facility should serve as a template for helping troubled youth around the country and should not be seen as a cost cutting exercise,” he said.

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