SA Liberals playing with fire on re-NEG-ing

August 26, 2018

The SA Liberals are playing with fire by trying to re-NEG with the aid of other states, Conservative Party SA senate candidate Rikki Lambert says.

SA Minister for Energy Dan Von Holst Pellekaan told The Advertiser  this weekend “the states would need to come up with their own agreed emissions reduction target if “the Federal Government can’t come to a landing”. He said SA was well placed to enter such a negotiation because of massive growth in wind and solar power over the past decade.”

"The Liberals have learned nothing from last week's Canberra chaos," Mr Lambert said, "The CO2 emissions-reduction component of the NEG was a key driver in toppling former Prime Minister Turnbull."

"Now, it seems, the state Liberals want to play footsie with Labor states like the crazy ACT which wants a 100% reduction target, and the radical Andrews Victorian and Palaszczuk Queensland governments."

"The most likely outcome of an all-state bypass of the Commonwealth is a higher emissions reduction target than what sent Canberra crazy over the NEG."

"This will raise already-unaffordable household power bills, increase the instability we've seen in South Australia and further establish green ideology as the driving force of the major parties."

Mr Lambert urged the SA Liberals to come to their senses and not play green games with our energy market, "The NEG should be dead. Don't re-NEG. Get affordability and stability right, put South Australians and Australians first and forget about kow-towing to the Paris climate club."

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