SA Liberals adopt Conservative policy on saving Australia Day

October 24, 2017

Senator Cory Bernardi and SA Conservatives MLC Dennis Hood have welcomed the SA Liberals adopting Conservatives policy on Australia Day, with the state opposition declaring that if it wins the election it would move to stop councils abandoning Australia Day.

Australian Conservatives have been running this online campaign to Save Australia Day since the first Greens-led attacks began earlier this year. The Labor party have since added their voice in support of a Greens disallowance in the Senate to halt repercussions for Melbourne councils that have shifted the date.

The ABC reports this morning that the South Australian Liberals will - if elected in March 2018 - implement a policy to ensure councils do not move to shift the date on which Australia Day is observed.

You can watch video of Senator Bernardi standing up for Australia below.

Australian Conservatives' South Australian MLC Dennis Hood said the Australia Day policy announced today by the Liberal Party is something Australian Conservatives have been calling for over the past few months and as such it would have their full support.

“Australia Day is Australia Day, it is a day that celebrates Australia and is for all people in this nation. Australian Conservatives would support this legislation if the Liberals are elected,” Mr Hood said, “We now call on the Labor Party to support this. Many people are proud to become productive and committed citizens and choose to become Australian Citizens on Australia Day due to the significance of the day.”

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