Brokenshire: SA Government needs to live within its means

February 23, 2018

Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire has written an open letter to the people of South Australia detailing his party's  first audit of government fees and charges during Labor’s 16 years in Government which found prices, in relation to the real cost of living and with the Consumer Price Index factored in, have gone up between 50 and 3,000 per cent.

The letter reads:

"The rise in government fees and charges in real terms are astounding and shows what happens when governments don’t live within their means but instead raises the prices of their services to try and make up for their overspending.

Under Labor water now costs $2.74 more for every kilolitre used, motor vehicle registration costs $264 more each year, the Solid Waste Levy is $80 more each year and public transport 28 day passes cost $157 more per year.

No wonder the government can afford an election promise to cut public transport costs as the current cost is 32 per cent higher now than when they came to power.

Probate on a will or an estate will set you back $800 more today than 16 years ago.

There is no doubt that the government’s grab for easy money is making it uncompetitive for businesses in this state which then affects employment.

There is no doubt that these fees and charges are making life more difficult for people, especially those living outside the CBD who often have to run more than one car because of lack of public transport choices.

It is simply costing too much for people to live in SA.

Australian Conservatives will be lobbying to reduce common household bills in SA, and we are calling for a
new parliamentary committee with the power to inquire into all household cost-of living increases to be established.

Our proposal is that there must be much more scrutiny by parliament. Abolishing the current committee and
replacing it with a standing committee which has the power to force ministers and departments to answer
questions is a start.

Australian Conservatives is a party of people that believes governments must live within their means and should not pass its financial mismanagement of budgets onto taxpayers by increasing fees above inflation.

The Labor government has bypassed the parliament and sold off important state assets to cover the cost of their budget blow outs, they have failed to invest in our roads and the bill for the backlog of maintenance is now in the billions.

Their push to renewables has left us to with unaffordable and unreliable energy with the cost paid by the people.

To crunch the numbers and find that that government fees and charges have risen faster than people’s wages is just another reason to put this state in the hands of a conservative political party which believes in conservative and responsible fiscal management."

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