SA election not a triumph for major parties

March 20, 2018

Australian Conservatives' founder and South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi, reflects on last weekend's election:

"Politics has changed substantially in the past four years since the 2014 election, particularly in South Australia. Perhaps the best comparison to draw from this state election are the results from the last three Federal elections because they include the major political disrupter of Nick Xenophon."

"In that time, the major parties’ federal upper house vote has declined from the around 38% to as low as 27%. The Greens have gone from 13% to 6%. Family First went from 4% to 2.6%. With Xenophon’s return crack at state politics, those figures were pretty much repeated in the state upper house. The majors hovering around the 30% mark, Xenophon around 20%, Greens 6% and the Australian Conservatives actually improving upon Family First’s performance with 3.5%."

"With well over a third of upper house votes cast outside of Liberal and Labor, it’s hardly a sign that ‘minors’ are on the decline. In fact, quite the opposite. Now I know this is an imperfect analysis but it is being repeated all over the country. Minor and new parties are becoming major disrupters of the two party duopoly and are now established landmarks in Australia’s political landscape."

"The triumphal claims of commentators and major party advocates are a beat-up. In reality, they are on the cusp of losing a host of seats at future elections as the public’s appetite for new parties continues to grow."

"The reason is pretty simple. The major parties are failing the people. Their policies and practices are diminishing, rather than strengthening, our nation. Right now, discontented voters are casting their ballots in myriad different directions but eventually they will come together. I am betting that convergence will be outside of the Red and Blue teams and that will shake-up the political establishment like never before."

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