Ross Blaikie

I am a 40 year old father of four girls, aged seven, six, four and two. Married to Alison for 9 years. I run my own consulting business: Ross Blaikie Consulting (See Career Profile below). My family is my absolute priority, and my desire for them is that they grow into women who proclaim Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Education is a primary concern for me, and a reason for joining the Australian Conservatives. My Children attend a Christian School where all subjects are taught through the lens of Christianity. I am thankful that I could make this choice to educate my children in this way, and I want that choice to continue, not just for me, but for all Australians.

I believe that our society and government is "throwing away" far too much of our collective history. Things that have served us well, such as the family unit, and have built a strong society.

I want to be involved in the battle to restore order and common sense to our society. With all things there is of course a balance, and a challenge for us all is to find this balance. I advocate for stability and order, but must also recognise when change is really required.

But where change is required, I will not compromise my views that the best society is founded in strong communities, and strong communities are founded in the family unit.

Community Involvement

I am involved with Narrabeen Baptist Church, in the following ways:

 - Leader of the Worship team on Sunday mornings

 - Co-Leader of a home group (Bible Study)

 - Occasionally involved in supporting the leadership team to improve church processes

 - Occasionally involved with Covenant Christian School, providing communication training to teachers, and students.

 - Previous involvement with YAA (Young Achievement Australia), coaching high school students to create a business and develop and sell a product.

Career Profile

Ross Blaikie has been involved in Organisational Development (OD) and Learning and Development (L&D) since 2002 and has experience in delivering both technical and non-technical projects, attaining his Six Sigma Black Belt accreditation in 2005.

Prior to working in OD and L&D, Ross started his career as a mechanical engineer in 2000. From this experience, Ross brings a methodical approach to all his work.

Ross has worked as a consultant for a diverse range of organisations both in Australia and the Middle East, including BHP, AECOM Australia and AECOM Middle East, Engineers Australia, Northern Beaches Credit Union, CB&I, Department of Defence, Department of Employment, Department of Veteran Affairs, Covenant Christian School, and Narrabeen Baptist Church.

Passionate about helping people learn and gain greater satisfaction from their job, Ross helps organisations grow through improved communication and process improvement.

Qualifications and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering - University of Western Australia
  • Bachelor of Commerce (major Human Resource Management) - - University of Western Australia
  • Master of Human Resource Management (Team Development) - Monash
  • Six Sigma Black Belt - BHP

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