Robert Brokenshire MLC


Robert Brokenshire MLC

South Australian Representative

Described by the media as South Australia’s de facto opposition leader, Robert Brokenshire has been an active member of the South Australian Parliament for the past 24 years. His career began in the House of Assembly with the Liberal Party where he not only served as a cabinet member, but also distinguished himself as a Minister with the portfolios of Police, Corrections, Emergency Services, Gambling and Volunteers.

An unshakable conservative, Robert was approached to take over from retiring Family First Upper House Member Andrew Evans in 2008. A natural fit for this conservative movement, Robert used his position in the Upper House to hold the government accountable and to ensure that the people of South Australia were put before politics and power. Robert’s determination to represent the needs of the people of South Australia and to speak honestly on all issues saw him re-elected in 2010.

Robert has used his position in the Legislative Council to advocate for family values, defended traditional marriage and to oppose euthanasia. Robert continues to speak out on behalf of police and emergency service volunteers and is sought after for his expert opinion on matters relating to these fields.

Robert is a respected member of the South Australian community who continues to run a dairy farm with his family in the Mount Compass area. As a dairy farmer, Robert has a unique insight into the needs of regional and rural Australians and the challenges facing our agricultural industries. He has used this knowledge to fight for economic growth opportunities in agriculture and the food industry and better living conditions for rural South Australians. He continues to fight for Right to Farm legislation to help preserve South Australia’s food bowl.