Riverland Business Woman Nicolle Jachmann To Run As Australian Conservatives Candidate

July 18, 2017

Running for a spot in the Upper House in March next year, Nicolle Jachmann will be taking second spot behind serving MP Robert Brokenshire.

"If elected I will be fighting alongside my Australian Conservatives colleagues for a better deal for rural and regional areas" said Mrs Jachmann.

180717Rob_Brokenshire6-1024x788.jpgWith experience in aged care, farming, accounting, and 25 years of experience in management roles, Mrs Jachmann maintains an impressive portfolio including currently operating as the CEO of the Riverview Lutheran Rest Home. 

Commenting on her affinity with Australian Conservatives Jachmann told The Murray Pioneer that "The morals of the party sit very well with my own personal morals and values, I want to see regional people be given a hand up and to be rewarded for their great contribution to the economy of this state."

Australian Conservatives MLC Rob Brokenshire offered strong support for Nicolle's running, suggesting that "If people support Nicolle... they will be voting for the only rural woman in the Legislative Council and someone who is passionate for and truly understands rural issues."
"I have observed Nicolle's capacity for some time and she has been handpicked to stand for a seat in the Upper House... (and) brings broad-based business skills, a strong knowledge of agriculture and is passionate for her family and rural areas."

Mrs Jachmann's experience with and reverence for the role of agriculture and horticulture in the Riverland economy and beyond are seen as a great asset on her road to becoming an MP, and moreover, she has taken a stance on range of recognised issues from power prices to drugs - "The ice and drugs epidemic comes up all the time for the Riverland, and power prices are a regional issue, for business and industry, and not only for the Riverland."

To read more: http://www.murraypioneer.com.au/riverland-woman-to-stand-for-conservativesin-the-house/

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