Rikki’s run for recognition

December 21, 2018

The Greens, ‘big government’ and unisex toilets are on Rikki Lambert’s mind – along with plenty of other topics.

The Murray Pioneer reports, the former Riverlander is focused on winning a Senate seat for the Conservative Party at next year’s Federal Election and in the six months since declaring his candidacy has been spreading the word about his party, and its values.

Founded by South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi last year, the Conservatives are standing Senate candidates in every state and are in a daily dogfight for recognition to give them a chance of picking up seats at next year's federal election.

Until then Mr Lambert will spread the word far and wide, including trips back to the Riverland, where he was schooled and spent the first five years of his working life at O’Brien’s Solicitors in Berri.

“I’m a regular visitor to the Riverland – I’ve still got family there. I love going back there as often as I can,” Angaston based Mr Lambert said.

The Conservatives are a principled and unswerving contrast to the major parties.

And they pull no punches. On the Greens, Mr Lambert is particularly forthright, “When it comes to voting in the Senate, it’s me versus Sarah HansonYoung – and the aim is to knock her out of the Senate,” he said.

“It’s not a gender thing, simply the parties are polar opposites. The Greens are for big government: they just want more and more taxpayer money to pay for more and more programs, but the taxpayer is not a bottomless pit," he said. 

“The bigger your government grows the smaller your private sector becomes, then there’s no actual economic activity, except what government does. The Greens are incredibly dangerous for the country because the political causes they advance are at odds with
Australian values," he continued.

“There’s nothing clearer on that front than Australia Day. The Greens want to call it Invasion Day and to move the date…”

And on unisex toilets, which coincidentally have recently been introduced at Moorook, he is equally black and white, “At an AFL ‘diversity match’ between Sydney and St Kilda (earlier this year) they let people choose which toilet they wanted to use."

The 40-year-old father of four said., “This sort of thing just gets the average Australian shaking their head and saying ‘where is this nonsense going?’.”

Mr Lambert said the Senate – replete with Independents – is currently in a poor state, houses too many sub-standard politicians, and is in urgent need of change.

“This means stopping the social experiments, political correctness, high taxes, high spending, boondoggles and the ‘look at me’ mentality of past and present senates,” he said.

“It’s time for a common-sense crossbench.” 

Throughout debate over the Murray Darling Basin Plan, the Conservatives have often – somewhat surprisingly – appeared to occupy the so-called sensible centre of the debate, “My message to the Riverland, South Auatralia and others who live up and down the river, is that it’s critically important that we put someone in that Senate who isn’t a Green who thinks the environment is
all that matters in those metrics, and not the communities and economies that are dependent on the river,” he said.

“You need someone who understands the triple bottom line, but the message also had to be sent to NSW that we weren’t going to just let them pull the wool over our eyes, when it came to that part of the basin. It’s also critical that whilst we want to have a balance against the Greens at one end, we’ve got to have a balance against the NSW National Party at the other end too,” he said.

If successful next year, Mr Lambert would become the second senator with a Riverland connection, given Renmark-based Senator Anne Ruston – an assistant minister – is certain to earn re-election, occupying the top spot on the Liberal SA Senate ticket.

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