Rikki Lambert visits Port Augusta

March 12, 2019

South Australian Conservative Party Senate candidate Rikki Lambert wants to shine a light on regional areas during the federal election, with a particular focus on road upgrades and job opportunities.

The Transcontinental reports, Rikki, who lives in Angaston, visited Port Augusta last Thursday, as part of his regional tour ahead of the May election.

He said one of the main concerns raised in our region has been losing young people to Adelaide.

"Offering university campuses here is one thing, but for me that's only part of the solution because we also need more TAFE opportunities for skills trades," he said. 

"Otherwise, you’re pushing young people to Adelaide to pursue a university opportunity which doesn't necessarily result in a job when there’s possibly a mechanic, carpentry, welding job locally that they could’ve gone into."

Rikki has been working as the Chief of Staff to Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi since March 2017.

With the election coming up, Rikki decided to step up in a bid to represent the country areas that he believes are neglected too often.

"What I'm hearing is frustration about a lack of investment in infrastructure. A lot of the things we hear around the state are similar. There are concerns about cost of living, cost of doing business and cost of electricity,"  he said.

One issue in our region that he believes needs significant attention is road upgrades.

"A lot of road funding federally goes into Sydney in particular. Our view is we need to invest in the local roads in South Australia, particularly the dangerous roads like the stretch between Port Augusta and Port Wakefield. The amount of freight that comes along those roads is fantastic, but we need to improve and upgrade these roads because if the freight can't move safely and effectively then there's a human cost," he said.

Rikki also mentioned the need to produce more water, with the Conservatives developing a case study with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to look into the benefits of pairing a desalination plant with nuclear power.

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