Report castigating SAS way off target

June 12, 2018

The behaviour of our military has come into question via a leaked report, outlining the behaviour of our most clandestine unit, the SAS.

Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi has come to the defence of our military.

The Sydney Morning Herald asked the question: Who dares wins, but at what cost?

An opinion piece on the website reads:

“It is within that question that exposes the length of their ignorance.  

What this report apparently reveals is a culture so terrible, so awful, that it should not stand.

But we’re seeing it through the prism of home, a standard applied by those not subject to the same questions and moments that they are.

We cannot apply what is acceptable here to combat over there.

In fact, what was revealed is nothing new, and some of it was laughable in the face of what they’re asked to do.

The inquiry castigates the SAS for breaches for “unverifiable accounts of extremely serious breaches of accountability and trust…like loss of weapons, unacceptable Workplace Health and Safety practices, wasteful practices in resources management and poor audit results.”

The SMH says, “…the inquiry also acknowledges the impressive capability of the special forces to conduct sensitive and dangerous operates, but contrasts the image of the special forces portrayed to the Australian public with a darker perspective…”

Both of those statements conflict viciously. They’re a force that we ask to operate in the dark, and we don’t ask about the horrible things they do, but we’re surprised that they’re not following the rules, yet we’re continuing to ask them to follow orders.

Put simply: Please eliminate these people, but you know, please stick to the WHS practices.


What I also found interesting was the testimony of special forces insiders that made the report. It’s certainly not a home run, and it certainly should not shock".

Senator Bernardi says the allegations need to be taken in the context of frontline combat.

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