Regional issues a priority for MacKillop

March 08, 2018

The Australian Conservatives are determined to fight for regional issues this election, with the motto “Make MacKillop Matter” and policies that focus on rural electorates.

The Border Chronicle reports, speaking about the candidate the party has chosen to represent MacKillop, Richard Bateman, Robert Brokenshire MLC said he was the best man for the job due to his understanding of the regional community.

“We want to make MacKillop matter,” he said.

“I want to say to people, have a look at our team.  Have a look at what we're offering you, and have a look at the qualities of Richard Bateman. We can make the difference that MacKillop deserves, and the South East deserves.”

"Richard can handle himself in any situation because he's an experienced farmer, businessman, and in the fishing industry as well. And they (the Batemans) are very heavily involved in the community, including Jacqui (Richard’s wife) assisting veterans who are coping with PTSD,”  Mr Brokenshire continued.

"Richard's involved in CFS, heavily involved in sporting, he's not a career politician, we don't need any more career politicians. We don't need any more lawyers in the parliament. We need practical, common sense people with principles, and that's why we've asked Richard to join our team."

Mr Brokenshire, who is a farmer from Mt Compass, also spoke about his own credentials when it came to understanding the region’s issues, “I have been down here dozens of times down here working with the community, it's not just about the campaign, it's about showing the people whether you are genuinely committed to country South Australia.”

“And I'm hoping that people have seen the work that I've done for over 20 years in country South Australia, and now we want to grow that opportunity for country people by asking them to give   people like Nicolle (Jachmann) and Richard a chance to get into parliament."

Mr Brokenshire is running for the Upper House, with Nicolle Jachmann, a CEO of an aged care facility, also running for the Upper House.

Mr Brokenshire stated that the Australian Conservatives are soon to announce policies related to mental health and palliative care, with Ms Jachmann’s expertise being integral to planning those policies.

The Australian Conservatives will also be fighting for a strong Royalties for Regions program, which has been estimated by Mr Brokenshire to be able to provide millions per annum back to electorates to fund health services, roads, infrastructure, and sporting activities.

To see the Australian Conservatives’ 2018 Election Plan for South Australia, click here.


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