Recovering lawyer says family law proposals better for feuding families

April 11, 2019

Australian Conservatives senate candidate in the federal election - and former country lawyer who practised in family law - Rikki Lambert says sending family law to the states has to happen.

Rikki said, "The practice of family law - as I did - is heart-breaking and devastating for the children and parents. The Law Reform Commission has made sound recommendations to shift the family court jurisdiction to the states. It makes family law disputes more accessible at local courts, like Berri where I used to practice," Mr Lambert said.

"However the most vital recommendation is to move family law to the states. It will harmonise family law with state child protection systems. This is essential. I have been saying to Ministerial advisors for years in Canberra the family law and state child protection systems must be harmonised. With all the allegations thrown around in ugly proceedings about who sees children for how long, having welfare involved will ensure the fibs are sorted out from the facts," he continued.

"However, the presumption of shared parenting should not be dumped. In this brave new world of identity politics, and the war on manhood, modern virtue-signalling politicians are prone to downplay the very important role and contribution that fathers play in a child's life," he said.

Mr Lambert said he was disgusted with the way family law was practised, particularly the greedy and toxic contribution of some lawyers. "I am committed, if elected, to see the supposedly 'too hard' move of family law to the states become a reality."

"Earlier this month I tweeted: "Sending family law to the states (as rumoured in @australian today) sounds promising. Harmonises with state child protection laws, makes the law more accessible in local courts and upholds state rights. Might even see false allegations prosecuted by local police"

"Last May I tweeted:  "The Family Law system is a mess. I haven’t practised in the abominable area for a decade but it was riddled then with fed hungry lawyers who foment conflict for $, parents are often better at sorting out child access themselves  and said As a former lawyer who did family law work, I have zero sympathy for the Family Court. It needs to be abolished. It has compounded the heartbreaking misery of child separation. If only court merger could also shake up divisive, cost-driven lawyers’ behaviour too."

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