Rudd and Evans dismantle Pacific Solution & TPVs

July 29, 2018

On 29 July 2008, then Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, dismantled the former Howard Government’s “Pacific Solution” including the cancellation of Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs). Almost overnight, the illegal boats began coming again, with their human cargo trying to gate-crash Australia and divide our riches, the deaths at sea returned, and the vile people smugglers to our north were back in business.

The policy shift significantly watered down (essentially removed) the deterrence effect for the smugglers and people arriving illegally to Australia by boat, which the Howard Government had reduced to negligible levels by the time it had left office – much to the chagrin of the “compassionate” political class, academics and the Left.

Upon announcing the Rudd government’s “New Directions in Detention”, Minister Evans boasted that it was one of his proudest moments, implementing a “more humane” policy on illegal boats and maritime arrivals (a phrase echoed in 2018 opposition by Labor frontbencher and Left luminary, Anthony Albanese). 

The warm inner glow of virtue and purity that Rudd and Evans got from their dismantling soon disappeared as, within a month, Australia was once again being swamped with illegal boats and their maritime arrivals.

Initially, Labor, the Greens and their elite backers claimed that “push factors” from dislocating world events was at fault but that fig leaf soon fell away due to the winds of reality, timing and ever more boats.

During this horrific virtue-signalling episode, 50,000 arrived illegally to our shores on 800 boats with 1,200 drowning at sea.

Never has an Australian government been so naïve and reckless with our borders and sovereignty.

The flotillas which did not let up until the Coalition was returned to government with their policies of “Operation Sovereign Borders” and turning back the boats.

Commiserate this day of Australian border and sovereignty betrayal by:

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