Rare chance to double the Riverland's voice in parliament

March 15, 2018

Nicolle Jachmann is an Australian Conservatives candidate for the Upper House in the upcoming state election. She’s told the Murray Pioneer newspaper, ”One of the most common questions that has been asked of me locally is: So are you up against Tim Whetstone?”

“The answer, to the surprise of many, is, 'No, Tim is standing for the lower house seat of Chaffey',” Ms Jachmann said.

Trevor Scott, well-known former local breakfast radio announcer is Australian Conservatives' lower house candidate for Chaffey.

She continued, “I reply that you will find Australian Conservatives' Robert Brokenshire number one on the upper house ticket and my name will be underneath Robert's as number two on the big long white piece of paper.”

“At the point where I say, 'The one where you can either choose the party above the line or number candidates individually below the line', they usually know what I'm talking about,” she said.

“There are 22 MPs who sit in the upper house (Legislative Council), with 11 up for grabs at the state election.”

“Unlike the lower house where each electorate - Chaffey in our case - has its own representative, upper house candidates are representative across the whole of the state.”

“Having an upper house candidate from the Riverland is not something that happens often.”

“Currently - and I believe sadly - there is only one regional upper house MP, Australian Conservatives' Robert Brokenshire,” she continued.

“So, while regional SA is well represented through electorates in the lower house, it is currently very poorly represented in the upper house. With legislation having to pass though both the lower and upper houses of parliament, this should be of concern to regional South Australians. This election we, as Riverlanders, have the rare opportunity to have representation in both the upper and lower house. It's the best chance at the best representation we have ever had," she said.

“And with regional South Australia punching well above its weight economically, and getting very little in return, it's time to take a stand and increase our regional voice in the parliament. Poorly maintained regional roads, the withdrawal of health services and legal services, the need for increased funding for our hospitals, mental health services, transportation. the list goes on and on. We are continually forgotten about.”

“Australian Conservatives (Family First prior to amalgamation with Australian Conservatives) have been backing and supporting regional South Australians for many years. We have been pushing for a 'royalties for regions' scheme for nine years now, and we are pleased that it has now finally been adopted by other parties.”

“Should we be re-elected to the upper house we will be strongly advocating for 35 per cent of royalties to be returned to regions as additional money, not in place of existing regional expenditure. Australian Conservatives have an important role in acting as a watchdog in the upper house, working to support principled, valued and common-sense based legislation and making sure that good legislation is not stopped by one major party just because the other major party put it up.”

“Only by voting for Australian Conservatives in the upper house on Saturday can we make the most of this rare chance to double the Riverland's voice in the SA parliament," she concluded.

To see the party's fully-funded plan for rural and regional South Australia, click here.

Nicolle Jachmann (pictured) is a local businesswoman who is an Australian Conservatives Legislative Council candidate.


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