Rampant immigration = False economy: Bernardi

English test eyed for all new arrivals

A mandatory basic English ­language requirement for all new permanent resident immigrants will be considered by the Turnbull government amid concerns that by 2021, more than one million ­people in Australia could have ­little or no English skills.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has welcomed the idea but he’s also repeated his call to halve Australia’s immigration intake to protect our economic, social and cultural interests.

The Australian reports, the proposal to test permanent resident immigrants for basic English follows warnings this year that Australia is at risk of drifting towards the European model of multiculturalism, where “parallel” communities have emerged.

Responding to the question, “Why is rampant immigration continuing when it is clearly unsustainable?” Senator Bernardi has told Peta Credlin on Sky News federal government claims that our current immigration levels are good for the economy are simply untrue.