Gay marriage a ‘rainbow Trojan horse’ – Bernardi

Senator Cory Bernardi warned Sky News on Thursday morning that redefining marriage was a ‘rainbow Trojan horse’ by which controversial programs like ‘Safe Schools’ could be rolled out nationwide.

“Truth is the new hate speech”, the senator warned, “Every decision has consequences, we do not know what the consequences are going to be, there is no draft legislation put forward, there’s no religious protections, and we are seeing a small taste of the intolerance already.”

The Senator’s comments featured in an article in the Australian newspaper, where Liberal Party vice-president and Sri Lankan – Australian Karina Okotel said she had suffered more bigotry for supporting traditional marriage in recent times than a life exposed to racism (link for Australian subscribers). Senator Bernardi’s comments also raised the attention of The Australian’s ‘Cut and Paste’ section today (link for Australian subscribers)

You can watch the Sky News interview below: