Race for common sense

April 26, 2018

With Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane’s term expiring in August this year, the Turnbull government needs to take this opportunity to take a firm stand in the culture war by appointing a commissioner who will bring common sense and true impartiality to the position.

The Daily Telegraph’s Miranda Devine (pictured) tweeted last week, “If the government won’t abolish the position, at least appoint someone who unites the country instead of playing destructive identity politics”.

She wrote, “Conservatives are sick of Coalition governments which appease the Left, curl into a ball and try not to cause outrage while Labor-Green governments remake the culture in their own image.

The country always takes two steps to the Left with a Labor government, and not much better than one step to the Right or even staying in place with the Coalition, which puts us on a very bad trajectory indeed”.

“So it’s not good enough for the government to appoint, as is mooted, an innocuous replacement who just avoids the headlines. Restitution is needed. If we must have a Racial Commissioner then let it be a clear-eyed patriot who loves this country.

Warren Mundine is the best person for the job. Well respected, brimming with common sense and optimism, he has proven track record as a businessman, and as an Aboriginal and political leader.

He would unite us around what’s best about Australia."

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