Queensland Day

June 06, 2018

On this day, 6 June in 1859, the new self-governing Colony of Queensland was born – established and separated out from the then massive Colony of New South Wales.

Moves and momentum for the separation began from a public meeting in 1851 which, eight years later, resulted in the new colony being designated by, and named in honour of, the then monarch of the British Empire, Her Majesty, Queen Victoria.

It became the State of Queensland upon our Federation on 1 January 1901 (just as all the other five British colonies of Australia at the time became States under our then new Federal Constitution).

Celebrate the birthday of Queensland by:

  • getting into the spirit of Queensland Day by donning the colours maroon and/or displaying maroon lighting that is visible from your street
  • given Rugby League's 'Origin 1' falls on Queensland Day, watch the State of Origin series clash against New South Wales admiring the passion of the Mighty Maroons 
  • enjoying a drink from Queensland such as Great Northern or XXXX bear, a Bundaberg rum and/or enjoy eating some Queensland produce or even some Moreton Bay bugs
  • viewing and/or singing along to the theme song “The Sunshine State or this alternative
  • if you live outside of Queensland, plan a visit to the Sunshine State to enjoy its warmth, hospitality and history
  • researching the history of Queensland and how this great British colony and Australian State came into being 159 years ago
  • reflecting on what early colonial life would have been like around the banks and delta of the Brisbane River and the ravages of far-north and west Queensland without fossil fuels, air-conditioning, telephony and robust housing, and/or
  • sharing this Action Plan post on social media with family, friends, Queenslanders and those proud of our Australian history.

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