Public sector wage spikes and splurges most evident in Canberra

October 03, 2018

Speaking on Sky News Australia channel last night, Conservative Party founder, leader Cory Bernardi says the real spotlight on public sector waste needs to be trained on Canberra.

Whilst recent reports emanating out of Queensland and Tasmania demonstrate the excesses and taxpayer costs of the public sector, South Australian Senator Bernardi says his party is committed to freezing fat cats and politicians' pay until the budget is back in the black.

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On the front page of Tuesday's Courier Mail newspaper, Natasha Bita wrote that public sector 'fat cats' are earning up to $1.2 million a year to run Queensland's ballooning state bureaucracy, with over a dozen departmental heads paid more than the Premier. The Queensland Labor government cynically dumped the reports containing the salary disclosures during Queensland's Labour Day long weekend.

The Courier Mail further revealed today that state bureaucrats have burned through hundreds of thousands of dollars travelling the world in the name of developing more casinos in Queensland. The Courier-Mail claims three times the amount of money was spent by bureaucrats exploring casino-related resort opportunities for Queensland than on developing Queensland's defence industry.

Meanwhile, Tasmania's public sector unions are at odds with the Liberal state government as they seek a 3 per cent wage increase, despite a cap since the Labor-Greens time in office of 2 per cent per annum. Unionists were considering starving the government of income to get their way.

Senator Bernardi told Paul Murray Live viewers on a panel with Queensland senator Pauline Hanson that the primary focus of public sector excess needs to be Canberra:

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