Protect our farms: Lambert

November 16, 2018

Australian farms are being bought by overseas interests at a rapid pace, led by a Chinese communist government buying spree and the Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert has been writing to SA's regional newspapers warning of the impending threat.

Rikki writes:

China has rocketed up the charts to now be equal-largest foreign owner of our farming land.

British, American and Canadian owners have been private, Western, non-government entities.

Australian farms and water shouldn’t be owned by other nations.

Controlling food and water confers great power. Cubbie Station^ (at the top of the Murray Darling Basin) is controlled by Shandong Ruyi, a Chinese government corporation. They are licensed to take hundreds of gigalitres a year.

The former SA government was encouraging Islamic nation Qatar’s state corporation, Hassad Foods, as it bought farms in our south-east.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi declared that we don’t want the Qataris* here due to their terror links - now they are selling up.

The Cubbie Station^ Chinese ownership example Rikki is referring to is further explained here, and in the following video: 

The case of Qatar* that Rikki refers to is one concerning a small but powerful Middle Eastern nation that Senator Bernardi has long suspected of using its 'Sovereign Wealth fund' - a state-owned corporation of Qatar - to advance its overseas interests. Qatar has a questionable record including allegations it has supported terrorist organisations.

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