Proposed SA laws to restrict vaping

September 11, 2018

Proposed changes to vaping laws in South Australia would mean e-cigarettes face all the same regulations as the tobacco industry, including bans on online sales, the use of e-cigarettes in outdoor dining areas and in cars with children present.

The Conservative Party supports the legalisation of vaping which the Royal College of Physicians in the UK has found that vaping presents only 5 per cent of the health risks of smoking.

The Advertiser reports, sellers would also be prevented from selling vaping devices to children, and promoting, advertising or giving away their products.

Savvas Dimitriou, the chairman of the Australian Vaping Advocacy, Trade and Research group, (AVATAR) said vaping was “substantially safer” than smoking tobacco because there was no combustion involved.

The vape industry’s peak body had been pushing for regulation, he said — particularly in areas such as a ban on selling to minors, and rules around the manufacture and labelling of e-liquids.

AVATAR members already ban unaccompanied children from their shops, perform ID checks and prevent minors from buying products online.

However, Mr Dimitriou said the proposed changes went too far and could cripple business owners, forcing the industry underground, and resulting in some store owners moving their companies interstate.

He said about 200 people were directly employed by the SA vaping industry, which brought $60 million in revenue to SA.

A ban on marketing and promoting vaporisers meant shop owners could no longer allow customers to try different flavoured liquids to find one they liked — nor could they be shown how to safely use vaporisers.

“The only thing an online ban could do is damage SA business — it won’t stop anyone from buying online because they could just buy from interstate or overseas,” Mr Dimitriou said.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has told ABC Radio Adelaide’s Peter Goers, himself a heavy smoker, that nicotine vaping is a proven aid to help cigarette smokers break the habit.

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