Proper Palliative Care vs. A Duty To Die

June 25, 2018

Ensuring palliative care is properly funded throughout the State should be the priority of Queensland politicians, not state-sanctioned killing of the vulnerable and weak.

Conservative Party spokesman and lead QLD senate candidate Lyle Shelton said it was concerning that the multi-million dollar Clem Jones Trust would be lobbying Queensland politicians this week with highly emotive stories.

Mr Shelton said a recent Victorian parliamentary inquiry heard from palliative care experts that where proper end-of-life care was provided, the overwhelming number of bad deaths advocates say can’t be avoided could be avoided.

“Legalising euthanasia will take away political will to properly fund palliative care,” Mr Shelton said.

“It is cheaper and easier for patients to be euthanised.”

Mr Shelton said abuses of euthanasia were well-documented, particularly for the elderly where a right to die quickly becomes a duty to die.

“In the few places around the world where euthanasia has been legislated the slippery slope which advocates say doesn’t exist just gets more slippery,” Mr Shelton said.

“In Belgium it is now routine for even the mentally ill to be euthanised and even children.

“In Holland, a woman struggled for her life while being physically restrained by family members as her doctor killed her.”

While death was obviously very emotive and some people whose loved ones had not been provided proper palliative care had distressing stories, it was important politicians considered the wider consequences of state-sanctioned killing.

“While emotional stories should always be taken into consideration, it is important that politicians don’t make policy decisions based on emotion alone,” Mr Shelton said.

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