Port at Cape Hardy to connect our mines to world

February 28, 2018

Australian Conservatives’ candidate for Flinders Tony Parker says a plan to establish a new multi-user deep water port in the Spencer Gulf will benefit farmers and exporters through greater competition and connect mining projects like Iron Road’s Central Eyre Iron project, to the world.

The Port Lincoln Times reports the $150 million plan would see the creation of a new South Australian Ports Authority to oversee the development of ports including the proposed Spencer Gulf project.

The equity injection would allow the new authority to borrow more than $500 million to progress the new port, which would be capable of hosting cape-size vessels.

The authority will test the market through an expression of interest seeking private sector involvement in planning projects and identifying appropriate locations.

The new port would help new mining projects export resources such as copper and iron ore to international markets and also drive more competition to benefit our agriculture industry and manufacturers in sectors such as defence that are seeking access to export markets cost effectively.

Mr Parker said the most logical site for the port would be Cape Hardy which currently has approvals in place and environment studies completed – with 21 metres of water within a kilometre.

“We are pro-infrastructure and this port has to be built on a site where it can accommodate multiple commodities,” Mr Parker said.

“We are determined to have a port and we are here to support and have a partnership with an ultimate commitment to build this port,” he said.

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