Pork barrelling porkie

February 25, 2019

Liberal Candidate for the federal seat of Mayo, Georgina Downer is pictured above holding a fake Liberal Party cheque with her name and image on it for $127,373 made payable to the Yankalilla Bowling Club.

The Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert says ,"This practice by MPs and wannabe MPs alike is wrong."

Rikki continued, "The money is a federal government grant. It's not a candidate's money, it's taxpayers' money and in this case, Ms Downer is not even the local member. Taxpayer money is not a lottery win nor is an MP/candidate an impartial employee of the Commonwealth."

The Conservative Party's policies include:

  • ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent wisely to minimise the size, scope and waste associated with government
  • methodically reducing Federal government spending to less than 20% of GDP to pay off debt and reduce taxation
  • requiring government to maintain a spending portal with real-time disclosure of spending to enable transparency, accountability and swift disclosure of waste or inappropriate spending.

The Labor Party has referred the Downer picture, which was widely shared on social media to the auditor-general, claiming the post intended to "deceive" Australian voters.

The imbroglio has led to a tit-for-tat on ABC radio between local member and Centre Alliance MP Rebekah Sharkie and Ms Downer, all leaving untouched the overarching impression that commonwealth funds were granted to the Bowling Club due to the efforts of Ms Downer.

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