Jihadi murders police accountant outside Parramatta Police Station

October 02, 2018

On 2 October 2015 (at 4:30 pm), unarmed police civilian accountant, Curtis Cheng, was gunned down by 15 year old jihadi, Farhad (Khalil Mohammad) Jabar, outside NSW Police Headquarters at Parramatta in Greater Western Sydney. This headquarters – where Cheng worked – is home to several crime commands, including that of Middle Eastern Organised Crime and other gang squads.

After remaining at the scene and continuing to fire shots into the headquarters, jihadi Jabar – clad in black Islamic robes that had easily concealed his weapon – was shot dead by special constables responding to the attack.

Cheng was a 58 year old husband and father of two who was leaving work that day to spend the long weekend with his family when jihadi Jabar mercilessly gunned him down. The weapon was a .38 Smith and Wesson special calibre revolver that was handed to Jabar inside the nearby Parramatta Mosque around 15 minutes before he used it to kill Cheng (see further details below).

Court proceedings subsequently concluded that Islamic State took credit for Jabar’s act of terror largely via its online magazine, Dabiq, referring to Jabar as one of the “brave knights” of jihad who had “struck the crusaders of Australia and killed one of their personnel”. At a minimum, all four plotters that enabled Jabar’s jihadi attack were Islamic State sympathisers.

Jabar’s terrorist attack on Cheng occurred:

  • just over a year after 18 year old jihadi, Numan Haider, used knives to attack two counter-terrorism police officers outside a police station in Melbourne, and
  • less than ten months after the Lindt Café siege in Sydney’s CBD involving Islamic terrorist, Man Haron Monis

... and after both had brandished in public the Black Standard flag of ISIS and Islamic jihad.

These events highlight the vital and dangerous role of our law enforcement, intelligence and security officers who keep us safe while too many of our politicians make our protectors' job so much harder and riskier with their:

  • lax immigration and visa policies
  • curbs on our ability to speak candidly about Islamic terrorism, and
  • cringing tolerance of intolerance

Mark this sober reminder of the Islamic State threat posed in Australia and having to be constantly deterred by our law enforcement apparatus by:

Further details of the attack and subsequent findings

Two days after the attack (4 October), police raided the Parramatta Mosque and three days after that (7 October), counter-terrorism police raided four homes near Parramatta, making several arrests.

Ultimately, four men (all young Muslim adults) were charged and gaoled without bail (in Goulburn) for plotting and aiding the teenage jihadi’s attack (with two already heard, convicted and sentenced).

  • Talal Alameddine (in breach of a firearms prohibition order) was also found to have supplied the weapon to Raban Alou who then handed it to Jabar inside the mosque. In subsequent court hearings and sentencing, both these plotters and/or enablers were found to be without remorse or contrition, and are now serving long prison sentences.
  • Alleged plotter/enabler, Mustafa Dirani, was also charged with being the plot’s “counter-surveillance man”.
  • The man charged with planning the attack, Milad Atai, was also charged for “providing support to a terrorist organisation” for allegedly aiding the travel of Jabar’s sister to Syria. She allegedly left the day before her brother’s attack, on route to Syria via Istanbul (and was killed in a US-air-strike near Aleppo in April 2016).

A bloodied note found on Jabar’s body, addressed to the “disbelievers” said:

“Your security means nothing to us… know your weapons are nothing compared to what we have. Soon by the will of God... your nights will turn into nightmares, your days into hell. … By the will of Allah, I have come today to put terror into your hearts and soon the majahideen will do the same, by the will of Allah.”

It was almost identical to a note found in Jabar’s bedroom bin penned with hand-writing remarkably similar to that of his sister (very shortly before she suddenly left Australia).

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