PM’s tax plan hits Senate snag

May 24, 2018

The Turnbull government is being urged to redraft its $35.6 billion tax cut for big companies to help more small businesses and ordinary workers, as Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi warns the flagship policy cannot be legislated after Pauline Hanson's senators reneged on their pledge of support.

Senator Bernardi says the Australian Conservatives support reducing taxes and business taxes specifically, to maintain Australia's global competitiveness after President Donald Trump succeeded in slashing business taxes in the United States.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports, Senator Bernardi says that despite Australian Conservatives' support for tax reform, the government would have to accept the will of the Parliament and overhaul the tax cuts because other crossbenchers don't.

The damaging backflip by Pauline Hanson, demonstrates the need for more Australian Conservatives senators to be elected in order to hold the balance of power and deliver lower taxes across the board along with genuine tax reform.

Senator Bernardi, one of the strongest crossbench supporters of the original plan, told Fairfax Media the government needed a shift in policy to win back support.

“It appears there is no path through the Senate for the government’s proposed company tax cuts and so the government should shift the focus toward providing even greater tax relief to small business owners and to the 50 per cent of Australian workers actually carrying the tax burden in this country,” Senator Bernardi said.

“That would demonstrate an ongoing commitment to tax reform while focusing on those who need the reform the most – the taxpayer and small business owners.’’

In February this year, Senator Bernardi told parliament, “We are committed to getting better value for money for the taxpayers in this country and we are committed to finding a more efficient and effective way of governing.”

You can watch excerpts of Senator Bernardi’s speech below.

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