PM Morrison looks to regions to bear migration burden

August 29, 2018

The Morrison government is considering a plan to ­require some new migrants to settle for up to five years outside Sydney or Melbourne, as part of a yet-to-be-released pop­u­lation policy to ease congestion in the two largest capital cities.

The Conservative Party's policy position since inception in February 2017 has been to halve Australia's immigration rate and ensure the migrants we take serve in Australia's social, cultural and economic interests.

In his first ever question as a Conservative Party senator, Senator Bernardi asked why immigration rates continue to run at record levels even though it is not delivering a benefit to Australians' incomes.

The Australian writes today that no decision has yet been made by Scott Morrison's new cabinet on setting a mandatory time period to require new migrants to stay in the Australian region their visa requires them to live in.

Under a potential five-year model, it is believed the new visa class would apply to certain categories of new arrivals under the skilled and family migration program but in some cases could also apply to refugees.

The five-year period is understood to be based on a threshold, after bureaucrats speculate that migrants might choose to stay in the regional location after establishing ties in the community, including through employment and children’s schooling.

The move to impose regional settlement as a condition of ­migrant visas has been in development since the 2016 election, in ­response to increasing community concerns about urban pressures and congestion as well as social ­integration.

Conservative Party South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert has told ABC Radio Adelaide this morning that the chaotic Coalition government could run out of time to legislate whatever policy it proposes before the next election - and that some intelligence could be applied to which migrants to send to regional Australia.

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