Plibersek plan to use taxpayers’ money to force late-term abortions in public hospitals

March 06, 2019

Labor’s plan to use taxpayers’ money to force public hospitals to conduct abortions, including late-term abortions on healthy babies and healthy mothers, in public hospitals will shock even people who support the idea of abortion.

Conservative Party Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton said the federal government does not control hospitals and it should not be using the threat of withdrawal of commonwealth funding to state-run hospitals as a lever to force them to conduct abortions.

“Most midwives who work in public hospital maternity wards do so because they love babies and mothers.They don’t want to be forced to clean up after abortionists and Tanya Plibersek should not be forcing them to do this,” Mr Shelton said.

Abortion-to-birth on healthy babies and healthy mothers is legal in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland. Late abortions in these states require just a tick and a flick by two doctors but there is no requirement to save the life of an unborn baby even when the baby and the mother are healthy.

Perinatal mortality statistics show that hundreds of late-term abortions occur each year in Australia and there are many instances of babies being born alive and left to die after botched abortions.

“Given that peaceful prayer and sidewalk counselling has been banned within exclusion zones around abortion clinics in Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria, will Tanya Plibersek also seek to ban prayer in public hospitals which conduct abortions?”

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