Playlist problems for PM

November 06, 2018

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is copping some criticism after producing a Spotify playlist that apparently reveals what he really thinks about Australian music.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi tweeted that there is: "No need to panic just because the PM doesn’t like 80’s Australian music. The Conservative Party's #AC100 Australia Day playlist will be back in 2019. Can’t wait for some more self-absorbed virtue signalling musicians to issue more empty legal threats!"

Senator Bernardi's Australia Day playlist was created last year after taxpayer funded ABC radio network Triple J abandoned Australia Day moving its "Hottest 100" away from January 26.

The #AC100 playlist was one of a number of initiatives the Australian Conservatives have established to defend Australia Day and promote national pride.

The Advertiser reports, the Prime Minister's playlist, titled Eighties Plus, features 146 songs by 92 artists. But there’s only one Australian song — Wa Wa Nee’s Stimulation.

Topping the list is Prince’s 1984 classic Let’s Go Crazy — a surprise choice many would not have pegged Sco Mo as a fan of the Purple One.

Also released in 1984 — but overlooked by the PM — was INXS' classic Original Sin the haunting anthem that soared to number one on the Aussie charts and became an international hit.

Senator Bernardi's strident defence of Australia Day has included taking on the anti-Australian Greens in the Senate, including this serve dished out to a Tasmanian Greens senator.

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