Peter Castieau


Peter Castieau

Peter Castieau is a senior RV salesman at Premier Avan in Perth Western Australia. Last year he sold over 80 units valued at $4.3 million. Born in Bunbury, Peter has lived in Western Australia his entire life.

In June 2016 Peter quit his previous job in the RV Industry to stand as an Independent Senate Candidate for Western Australia on a platform of lower taxes through smaller government and a fair share of the GST for WA!

His candidacy back then was motivated by his mistrust of the Liberal Party when they rolled Tony Abbott as PM and subsequently abandoned their principles and policy for popularity and polls.

Shortly into his 2016 campaign he realised that the volunteers and loyal foot soldiers of the establishment political parties would make it impossible for him to be successful as an Independent Candidate.

In February 2017 when Cory Bernardi announced the formation of the Conservative Party he knew that finally he had found a credible viable alternative to the Liberal Party and joined and becoming a foundation member.

Prior to standing at the 2016 election Peter spent 30 years in the Automotive Industry progressing from the workshop floor as an apprentice to gain his trade qualification to ultimately owning and running his own second-hand sales outlet for 10 years in partnership with his eldest brother Michael.

Peter also held the position of WA State Manager for both Suzuki and Daihatsu automotive brands at a very young age, and also worked for well recognised and highly regarded car dealer John Hughes.

Peter is 53 years of age and lives in the northern Perth suburb of Warwick with his wife Linda. They have been together for 30 years.