PC speech is the new totalitarianism

February 06, 2019

Political activists have continued to erode Australians’ freedom of speech following a Press Council ruling this week.

Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton said the ruling against the Daily Mail for describing an alleged perpetrator of manslaughter as “transgender” should concern every Australian who cares about freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

“Political activists’ push to silence speaking the truth in public about biology is a new form of totalitarianism that must be defeated,” Mr Shelton said.

The Daily Mail was reprimanded for using the term ‘transgender’ because it was deemed not relevant to the story, after activists flooded it with complaints.

“If a man identifying as a woman is involved in a violent incident or a sporting feat against women, it is in the public interest for this to be disclosed. In fact, it could be harmful to the public interest for the public not to be allowed to know. Political activists have no business in closing down free speech and no business is supressing the truth,” Mr Shelton said.

“People identifying contrary to their biological gender should of course be treated with respect but that does not give them the right to force conformity to their view of the world on the wider population. It is disappointing to see the Press Council capitulating to anti-free speech political correctness,” Mr Shelton said.

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