PC push for public service jobs

August 05, 2018

The public service would set job targets to recruit more staff from racial and “gender identity” minorities under a politically-correct push by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

The Conservative Party has long called for an abolition of the AHRC as an unnecessary institution which seems hell-bent of push a politically correct ideology into every crevice of Australian society it can find.

The Courier Mail reports, the Federal Government’s human rights watchdog, which has repeatedly come under fire for its left-wing agenda, has told the Government’s public service review “special measures’’ are needed to recruit more workers from “disadvantaged racial groups’’.

It has called for new targets to hire staff on the grounds of race disability, age and “gender identity’’ — despite concerns affirmative action policies have led to “female favouritism” in the public service.

The Community and Public Sector Union backed the plan with National Secretary Nadine Flood saying, “People expect the Government to set targets in a whole range of areas … so we see no reason why targets shouldn’t be considered in the context of workplace diversity.’’

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has told Sky News the Human Rights Commission has done irreparable damage to our society.

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