Our Movement

Who are Australian Conservatives?

Australian Conservatives is the movement uniting Australians who believe enduring values and principles are the key to a better nation.

We support and advocate for the essential pillars of conservatism as a means of building a sustainable and prosperous economy and maintaining civil society. Thousands of years of human experience have demonstrated what works. Unfortunately, this lived experience is ignored by too many involved in politics today.

Within that political climate, the Australian Conservatives was initially established in 2016 by Senator Cory Bernardi as a non-party political movement to unite conservatives under one banner and give a voice to those who believed that the political class no longer represented them.

The Australian Conservatives movement swiftly grew to tens of thousands of supporters who demanded a better way.

Australian Conservatives are a registered political party for the purposes of supporting the election of candidates to the Australian Parliament and is registering to elect candidates in Australian State and Territory Parliaments.

What do we believe?

We believe in a nation bound by virtues and sustained by faith—where values that reflect our moral foundation are accepted as critical to our future.

We believe that what is best for our families is best for society.

We believe in a place where children are encouraged to believe in their dreams and can work hard to make them a reality.

We believe that our country should be one where government is not an obstacle, but an advocate and ally of its people.

We believe that when freedom resides with responsibility, Australia will always prosper.

We believe in a land where determination will never succumb to apathy.

We believe that those who receive will also give, because there is strength in community.

We believe that sustaining freedom is not always easy, for there will always be some who seek to oppose and restrict it.

We believe that our nation is not for those seeking an easy path: it is for those who dream not only of today, but also of what tomorrow can be.

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