Our mess of an energy market is the fault of both major parties: Kenny

July 17, 2018

If you want proof of how the major parties are letting us down it was there in spades last week. We saw it in the grotesque theatre of political debate and in the clinical and depressing dissection of our energy market by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has long been promoting a fix for our broken energy market; that the government open a competitive tender for its $450 million annual energy needs and award it to the lowest bidder guaranteeing contract certainty.

A solution the major party leaderships tip-toe around, failing to acknowledge the futility of climate gestures, self-harm of energy policy, social and economic pressures from high immigration and censorious overreach from governmental and educational institutions.

An opinion piece written by Chris Kenny in The Weekend Australian reads:

If you wanted empirical evidence of how the unspoken consensus of national policy has undercut the interests of taxpayers and undermined national prosperity you only need to read the ACCC report on electricity affordability. 

Chairman Rod Sims has issued what is a tragic indictment of governments — Labor and Liberal, federal and state — and it vindicates those who have been protesting against the lunacy of these policies for years.

It is worth noting these concerns often have been scoffed at by both major parties and have been taken up only by the renegades and mavericks of political discourse.

Sims’s report is a clarion call to the political and business classes to be accountable for policy failures and their repercussions, and to finally act decisively to repair them.

The report does not say it in as many words but it makes clear that the problems with the electricity market have all been created by government interventions. And, sadly, the failures are so comprehensive that only more interventions can start to remediate them.

Mapping a path forward, Sims has recommended government underwrites new dispatchable generation investment — an idea not too far removed from the interventions advocated by Senator Bernardi.

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