Our freedoms are under assault: Bernardi

November 22, 2018

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has repeated his call for the Government to support a bill he will introduce to parliament next year designed to protect our unalienable freedoms in Australia.

The landmark Protected Freedoms Act is designed to protect and defend Australian freedoms which are being seriously eroded.

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Senator Bernardi says it's time to make a stand for freedom, pointing to the divisive 18C free speech cases which have caught QUT students, the late cartoonist Bill Leak, columnist Andrew Bolt, and TV hosts Sonia Kruger and Samantha Armytage in their dragnet.

Key rights that Senator Bernardi's Protected Freedoms Bill would protect are freedoms of speech, expression, the press, life, personhood, thought, conscience & religion, and freedoms from torture and retrospective laws.

The Act will, "over-ride all other federal, state and territory laws that restrict those freedoms. At the moment, parliaments create criminal laws with exemptions to preserve freedoms. But The Conservative Party puts freedom first to preserve freedoms, and it will be up to politicians to justify how ands why they want to limit those freedoms in enacting any laws which curtail them.

"In short, if someone mounts a criminal or administrative case over-riding key freedoms, the court registry - or the magistrate or judge - will have to throw it out immediately if it breaches a protected freedom," Senator Bernardi said.

Senator Bernardi has told Kel Richards on Sydney radio station 2CH, the government needs justify any erosion of our rights under his new Bill.

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