Online activists target ALP ads

October 30, 2018

A secretive political group claiming to campaign against “hate speech in the media” has added the Labor Party to a blacklist of advertisers on Sky News.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says we should be wary of these kind of coercive groups.

The Australian reports, Sleeping Giants Oz, an anonymous self-appointed media morality judge, which floods Twitter with calls for consumer boycotts of brand advertisers when it disapproves of TV and radio content, has targeted Labor following party advertisements on Sky News advocating Bill Shorten’s “fair go action plan”.

The group savaged Labor on Twitter for the party’s ads appearing on Sky News, likening them to “paying the bully to come to school and beat you up every day”.

Big name brands on the Sleeping Giants Oz blacklist include Coles, Telstra, Fujitsu, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Samsung, ING, KFC, Dulux, Carpet Call and the NSW Liberal Party.

The proposed Labor blacklisting has stirred a negative reaction from Sleeping Giants Oz supporters protesting that its boycott-based strategy — intended to cause commercial harm — has gone too far.

Sleeping Giants Oz also faces accusations of possible double standards while it stays silent about other commercials from left-leaning advertisers aired on Sky News.

Sleeping Giants Oz was created a year ago, and uses tactics of intimidating companies into removing advertising by flooding Twitter with calls for consumer boycotts when certain media content is judged unacceptable.

Senator Bernardi has told Paul Murray Live on Sky News there needs to be some push-back here.

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