One year on from same-sex marriage Coalition dithers on protecting freedoms

November 14, 2018

One year on from Australia’s historic vote to change the definition of marriage, the Coalition Government has failed to protect dissenting Australians from the consequences to freedom of speech, religion and parents’ rights to reject LGBTIQA gender fluid indoctrination at school.

Prominent ‘No’ campaigner turned Conservative Party Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton said the 4.9 million Australians who voted no along with other Australians who believed the “no consequences” rhetoric of the "Yes" campaign were left in limbo.

“The canary in the coal mine in the post-same-sex marriage freedom war is Christian schools who are under a fake news attack from activists whose real agenda is to criminalise the upholding of the Christian view of marriage within Christian schools,” he said.

With the Ruddock review now more than 12 months old, no legislative protection had been implemented to stop a repeat of the Archbishop Porteous case where a Catholic leader suffered legal action for teaching Catholic doctrine on marriage to Catholics.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s declaration that he believed in religious freedom more than same-sex marriage has proven hollow as the Coalition dithers on protecting the freedom to disagree with the State’s new definition of marriage. The Yes campaign promised Australians there would be no consequences to their freedoms and that the debate was only about the love of two people," he continued.

"Yet Christian schools now face the erosion of their ability to be fully Christian, church leaders chilled by the Porteous case don’t know where they stand on teaching Christian doctrine, and parents have no rights to resist LGBTIQA indoctrination at school. Whether someone is religious or not, the ability to disagree with same-sex marriage publicly is under threat because sexual orientation remains a protected attribute in state and federal anti-discrimination law," he said.

“These laws have been weaponised by the passing of same-sex marriage without protections for freedom,” Mr Shelton said.

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