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Australian Conservatives MLC Dennis Hood says Oakden families' right to have hearings into the running of the facility has been denied by a government more concerned with its own interests than attending to the needs of their constituents.

icac.jpg"Last night my colleagues in the Upper House passed the Australian Conservatives' bill to allow the ICAC Commissioner to hold public hearings into maladministration when it is in the public interest. This morning the Bill went to the Lower House effectively giving the government and key independents the chance to get it right this time around, having now had time to see this is something the public demands" said Mr Hood. 
"Unfortunately the Bill was defeated by just 4 votes - 17 to 21. This is disappointing and will impede the ICAC's  ability to operate in absolute transparency. It is important to note that the ICAC Commissioner has endorsed the model I presented to Parliament stating that it was his preferred model".

Mr Hood's Bill would have allowed the ICAC Commissioner the discretion to hold public hearings into serious and systemic misconduct or maladministration when in the best interest of the public, whilst at the same time ensuring that inquiries into matters of corruption would still be held in private to ensure potential court cases and prosecutions were not compromised".